About Us

Data Science Consulting LLC is a company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

Data Science Consulting LLC has provided a variety of services such as, software development, information analysis, business intelligence, transfer knowledge, and in the last two years support in the implementation of social protection programs. The company focuses on providing personal, innovative solutions that fit the client’s needs and requirements and exceed their expectations.

The firm’s has personnel with considerable experience in software development and designing social protection programs. The personnel have designed and/or provided technical assistance in the implementation of social protection projects which includes Design and Implementation of Social Safety Nets such as Conditional and Unconditional Cash Transfers, Cash for Work, projects in emergency contexts, and National Household Registries.

The company’s scope of work covers training for main stakeholders focused on practical knowledge and problem-solving based on lessons learned in the field, installation of software in the client’s equipment, and maintenance assistance to the system.

Data Science Consulting LCC understands that every client and situation is unique; therefore, it has developed its own methodology, working closely with the client and stakeholders throughout the project. Moreover, we have collected lessons learned through our years of experience, and applied them with the innovation and addition of operational and technological tools to improve the operation of all projects in which we participate. As such, we are able to deliver projects founded on tested processes but tailored to the actual needs of the client.