Marketing. Amplified.

The priorities of marketing leadership have evolved: from developing a message to driving the P&L; from broadcast to one-to-one; from right brain to whole brain; from a few clean channels to a proliferation of digital channels; from long lead times and planning to real time in the moment; from functional implementations to fundamentally cognitive.

In this context, Michelle Peluso (of Gilt, CitGroup and Travelocity fame) called-out the importance of recruiting, maintaining and inspiring a forward-thinking team, and picking the right partner. Jeff Pattison (MetLife) spoke of the need to think from the outside in – through the eyes of the customer. Stephen Ingledew (Standard Life) highlighted the need to prioritise progress over perfection. Lisa Cleas (ING Direct Australia) spoke of the need to go beyond customer loyalty and treat the right customer segments like Royalty. And Deloss Schertz (Konica–Minolta) pitched how the world runs on innovation and strong collaborations of marketing and IT need to shape it

Gartner say that 92% of the CMOs they regard as the best, most progressive marketing leaders focus on integrating marketing, sales and customer support. That’s 31% higher than amongst ‘rank and file’ CMOs.

And needless to say (being that it’s an IBM event), there’s a lot of conversation on the importance of using cognitive capabilities to help marketing deliver richer customer engagements.

To be continued….

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