Data Analytics for Growth

Leverage your organization’s data analytics to identify growth opportunities. Learn to identify risks, increase profits, and improve operational efficiencies. Fast-track the growth of your small or mid-sized business by harnessing the power of your data.


What is Data Analytics

Data analytics is a science; a subset of business intelligence. It makes use of data, explanatory and predictive models, quantitative and statistical analysis, and fact-based management to drive business decisions. When you see large organizations make quick decisions, you can bet big data analytics is involved. Data analytics turns a soft, gut-feeling into cold, hard facts.


Why Data Analytics Are Important

Looking to uncover insights and trends? Interested in reducing costs? Prefer faster, more reliable decisions? For all these reasons, data analytics matter. Data analytics is an important tool for growing a business. It can be used to improve hiring decisions, make better purchasing decisions, and help an organization decide whether or not to manufacture a new product.


Where the Data is Found

Organizations capture data from numerous sources, including:

  • marketing statistics,
  • customer intelligence,
  • operational data,
  • purchasing information,
  • fraud and risk assessments,
  • financial information, and
  • organizational research.

Wherever data is captured, it’s ripe for analysis.


What About Cost

For years, large organizations were the only ones harnessing their data. They found data analytics so valuable; many established in-house analytics departments. Smaller organizations, of course, found that data analytics departments were cost prohibitive. Besides being expensive, they simply don’t need full-time analytics resources on staff.

Small and mid-sized businesses need access to their data. Instead of creating in-house analytics departments, they turn to consultants like the professionals at Data Science Consulting.


Why Data Science Consulting

Data Science Consulting provides a range of analytics, data science, and business intelligence services. Our professionals:

  • identify actionable data needs at granular levels
  • evaluate the data reliability, cleanliness, and availability
  • identify data sources that complement the available data
  • perform data manipulation and integration
  • create analytics data sets
  • identify the best analytics techniques to obtain a desired result
  • generate reports
  • identify projects for implementation, given the current state of the data
  • incorporate the best, most cost-effective tools to project developments

If you collect data, we can put it to use. In fact, we can place it in a custom format that’s clear and easy to understand.


It’s Time to Grow

It’s your data. Tap into it and fast-track the growth of your business. Let’s start the conversation.

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